DBS Tracking

When you’re applying for a new job, you want everything to run as smoothly as possible. You arrive in plenty of time for your interview, ask sensible questions, try to give a good impression. When it comes to your DBS check, you have no control over how long the checks will take. Depending on the job, you might not be able to start work until you receive your certificate. There is no option to pay a bit extra for a “fast track” service, but if you understand the DBS tracking function, you can keep tabs on how your application is progressing through the system.

What is DBS Tracking?

In the simplest terms, DBS tracking is about keeping an eye on your information as it moves through the various stages of the system. If there is a delay at any stage, you can keep your employer informed. It’s an online system, and only you can access the information. You can log in every day, if you like. If you choose to apply for your DBS check through a third party provider, then they will provide a similar service, by providing you with a secure log-in to their own portal. It is important to remember that although you can log in and see what is happening to your application, this won’t make the DBS move any faster. It’s simply a monitoring tool for keeping you informed. Don’t believe any adverts which promise a fast-track service for your disclosure check, as this service just isn’t available.

When can I start tracking?

The tracking only kicks in when the your application arrives at the DBS, or when you hit “submit” on your online application. In most cases, the first part of the process is having your identity verified by someone in your employer’s organisation. As this all happens before the form is sent to the DBS, there’s no way of tracking this part unless your employer has their own systems. Speed the process along by responding quickly to any queries which your employer raises. Make sure you know what forms of identification you need to supply, and have originals rather than photocopies. You will also need recent council tax bills, or credit card statements as proof of address.

How long can I expect to wait?

Processing times vary hugely. Some of the delays are down to hold-ups when the police are processing their checks, others are down to user error. You can check out how long DBS checks are taking in your area online. All areas have to provide quarterly statistics to the government. These are then printed on the government’s website. Often, DBS checks take longer because the applicant has made mistakes filling in the form in the first place. Check over your information carefully before submitting, or get someone else to check it for you. If you do receive a call or email from the DBS asking you to clarify any points, respond quickly and in full. This will maximise your chances of your DBS being processed quickly and with minimal delays.

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